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Gymnastics is a great way to help kids lead a healthy lifestyle and we believe that exercise and having fun go hand-in-hand. 
Our team of experienced coaches and staff members are happy to teach every child, whatever the fitness level or gymnastics experience.  We pride ourselves on being experts in the field, specializing in the sport of gymnastics and staying in our professional lane. Your kids will have a great time in the gym learning, making friends and getting stronger every day!

We offer these services:


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Call us at (231) 845-1385 for more information & TO ENROLL!

1. Watch this informative video (at left) to learn how things work at Flipstar. Have your kids watch this so they know what to expect, too!

Current Class Schedule

1. Skill stations set up 6ft apart when possible.
2. Repetitive sanitizing of all hands and feet for kids. (We think they leave cleaner than they arrive!)
3. Virtual viewing of all classes using Unique login and password each night.
4. New drop-off & pick-up drive-thru style process.
5. Staggered class times to allow for cleaning.
6. Equipment sanitized between and after classes.
7. Ozone air cleaner for whole gym each night.

💜 THANK YOU FOR YOUR STRONG SUPPORT!! 💜 We couldn't do this without you. 💜

5909 W US HIGHWAY 10

(231) 845-1385

3. See the schedule below for details, info and pricing for classes at Flipstar!

Located in beautiful LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN

COVID-19 IMPACTED US... In a positive way!

Welcome! Here's WHAT TO DO:

The Covid-19 pandemic affected Flipstar Gymnastics greatly including an almost 10 month closure. When we reopened, our amazing community supported us and brought their kids back to the gym as fast as they could! We took some new steps, added protective procedures and changed some systems to reflect this new awareness on health with the goal of keeping every child, coach and staff member as safe as possible while in the gym.
These improvements have made the gym a better place, and will stay in place until further notice.

Currently, masks are NOT required.  BUT PLEASE NOTE: We will follow all required directives of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

The following are the new protocols you can expect: